GraphicsMuse: Mastering Gimp – Part II

[ Thanks to Michael J. Hammel for this
link. ]

In part 2 of this 4 part series we’re going to look at
fonts and logos, key elements to any Web site graphics plan, and

“Now we get into the real meat of the Gimp. In the last article
we talked only briefly about fonts, so let’s continue down that
road at a little higher level. The Gimp features a standard Text
Tool which can be accessed directly from the Toolbox. This tool is
useful for adding short blurbs to images but lacks the ability to
do multiline, justified text, among other things. In the 1.0
version of the Gimp, you have the option of adding an external
plug-in called GDynText (Gimp Dynamic Text) which can be retrieved
from the plug-in registry. GDynText is a more feature rich text
tool than the standard text tool. It is, in fact, so useful that in
the 1.2 release GDynText will come as a builtin feature which the
user can optionally configure to be the default text tool.”

“After installation in 1.0, GDynText will be found in the Image
Window menu under Filters->Render->Dynamic Text. This
plug-ins allows the user to set the color, line spacing,
justification, and rotation of text before rendering it in a layer.
Where the stock Text Tool in Gimp 1.0 allows you to specify a
border space around text to account for slant, ascent and descent
properties in the font, GDynText already takes these into account.
A small padding is provided around the text with enough space to
allow all characters to properly be displayed.”

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