Halloween Tech: Weird, Spooky and Odd Technology Terms

“BLOB: In the tech world BLOB is not used to describe a green
oozing spatter of who-knows-what’s actually the abbreviation for
binary large object, a collection of binary data stored as a single
entity in a database management system.

“Blowfish: If you’ve ever seen a picture of a blowfish then I am
sure you too are wondering why in 1993 Bruce Schneier decided to
call his symmetric encryption algorithm “Blowfish”. We still don’t
have the answer to that one…

“Choke Packet: One can’t help but to picture an irate system
administrator trying to choke their router when you see this term.
While we think this should be used in reference anger management
seminars for network administrators, unfortunately the term choke
packet is already taken and being used to describe a specialized
packet that is used for flow control along a network.”

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