How to install Kloxo on CentOS 6, a free web hosting control panel for Linux

In this tutorial we will explain to you how to install Kloxo on a CentOS 6 VPS, a free web hosting control panel for Linux.
What is Kloxo?

Kloxo (formerly known as Lxadmin) is a free, opensource web hosting control panel for the Red Hat and CentOS Linux distributions.

Kloxo allows the host administrators to run a combination of lighttpd or Apache with djbdns or BIND, and provides a graphical interface to switch between these programs without losing data.

Kloxo Enterprise can transparently move web/mail/dns from one server running Apache to another running lighttpd. It is also known as a good free alternative to cPanel hosting control panel.

Kloxo comes integrated with Installapp, which is a bundle of approximately 130 web applications that can be installed to the hosted websites.

To install kloxo you will need:

A Running CentOS 6 server (at this moment kloxo can not be installed on CentOS 7).
A Minimum 256/512MB of RAM memory.
A Minimum 2GB of free disk space required/reserved to install Kloxo
Make sure /tmp partition has enough disk space. Kloxo uses /tmp to build and store files temporarily. If there is not enough space installation will fail.