How to install Ubuntu 11.04 on an encrypted LVM file system

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“Ubuntu is one of many Linux distributions with support for LVM,
the Linux Logical Volume Manager. LVM is a disk partitioning scheme
that brings a level of flexibility to disk management that is not
possible with the traditional method. With LVM, you can, if
necessary, increase the size of a partition online, that is, while
the system is running, without unmounting the partition. You can
also add another disk to the system if the old one becomes full.
There are many more benefits that LVM offers, but the those two are
more than enough reasons to consider using it.

“This tutorial presents a step by step guide on how to install
Ubuntu 11.04, the latest stable release, on an encrypted LVM file
system. Why is it necessary to encrypt the disk? For the reasons
detailed here, disk encryption protects your data from unauthorized
physical access. Like LVM, there is no downside to encrypting your

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