IBM Joins OpenOffice.org (The Quick Analysis)

“From the OpenOffice.org community perspective, I’m guessing
Louis Suarez-Potts (OO.o Community Manager) is feeling good to get
a new injection of code/energy. This is great for the community.
The OpenOffice suite keeps getting better and better, but new blood
with new code could provide a much needed boost.

“Overall Sun Microsystems is probably [very] happy IBM is
supporting OpenOffice.org directly. This is a much better situation
than IBM building some form of ODF development platform inside
Eclipse.org to enable ODF over OOXML, with OpenOffice.org hit as
collateral damage. [This would be sort of ironic since Eclipse
helped to pull the Java centre-of-gravity away from Sun, and Visual
Studio was collateral damage (or icing depending upon one’s
perspective).] Collaboration is the much stronger market play here
for Sun and IBM, and most importantly OO.o users and

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