Icebergs.io Brings Linux Desktop to the Browser


I have the following press release which I think might be of interest to the Linux Today community. Please let me know if you’re interested, or would like a screenshot or logo. The web address is https://icebergs.io.

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Icebergs.io Brings Linux Desktop to the Browser

September 28, 2015 (London, UK) – Icebergs.io, a new service launched today, aims to bring a full Linux desktop experience to the browser. The technology, based on Amazon Web Services and HTML5, allows for a remote desktop connection to be established between the browser and the data-center, providing a near seamless experience.

Icebergs.io allows developers to code complex projects anywhere, regardless of what hardware they are using, without suffering the limitations of using web-based IDEs.

Icebergs.io has a full-screen mode and resizes the Linux desktop accordingly without zooming or scaling. Icebergs is optimized for touch, making it accessible on iOS and Android devices.

Each Iceberg machine is a dedicated Amazon Web Services instance, running Ubuntu with XFCE. Users have root access to the machine and can install whatever software they choose. Instances can be destroyed and re-created on the fly.

Chris Muktar, founder, said: ???Icebergs.io was created to scratch an itch; to be able to develop complex applications while using Chromebooks. Existing web based IDEs have walled gardens; here you can access a powerful development environment without limits, without compromising your day-to-day desktop experience.???

Icebergs.io offers a limited free plan, where users can experience the technology first-hand, and paid plans starting at $9.99 a month for people building larger projects.


Icebergs.io was founded in London, UK in 2015 by Chris Muktar. Icebergs.io’s mission is to make Linux available on demand in browsers everywhere.

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