IGEL Announces Availability of Next-Generation Universal Desktop Converter

Offering a lower-cost alternative to desktop hardware solutions, the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter 3 (UDC3) also supports the secure and centralized management of endpoint devices

Reading, Nov. 30, 2016 – IGEL Technology, a world leader in the delivery of powerful workspace management software, IGEL??? Linux-powered thin clients, zero clients and all-in-one thin client solutions, today announced the introduction of its next-generation IGEL Universal Desktop Converter 3 (UDC3) featuring the IGEL Linux 10 operating system (OS).

IGEL’s UDC3 provides businesses of all sizes with a lower-cost alternative to traditional desktop hardware, helping them to dramatically reduce their desktop replacement costs, eliminating the need to invest in new hardware to support their virtualized infrastructures. Converting PCs, laptops and thin clients from other manufacturers into IGEL Linux 10 OS-based thin clients also enables IT organizations to securely administer all of their endpoint devices from a centralized management console.

???IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter software is ideal for businesses looking to take advantage of our industry-leading workspace management capabilities to reduce their operational costs,??? said Simon Richards, Managing Director for IGEL South & Western Europe. ???The UDC3 features the IGEL Linux 10 OS, which enables customers to access today’s most modern computing capabilities, while offering the performance and power they need to support accelerated workforce productivity, along with the security and control IT needs for simplified endpoint management.???

New IGEL Operating System Supports Upgraded Feature Set for UDC3
Announced earlier this month, the new IGEL Linux 10 OS now features support for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) to extend the IGEL’s UDC3 target platforms to the latest end-user devices including many laptop computers and desktop PCs, thin clients and compute sticks. Plus, with its enhanced 64-bit OS compatibility, the new version can address more than 4GB of RAM in next-generation devices.

Offering a modernized and customizable user interface (UI), IGEL Linux 10 enables hardware-accelerated decoding of multimedia content and protocols in devices with supported chipsets, which means spectacular end user performance when using the popular communications protocols including Citrix HDX, VMware Blast and Microsoft RDP. Users of IGEL Linux 10 will further benefit from reliable and managed security and maintenance support through IGEL’s commitment to regular and frequent firmware updates.

Simple, Affordable Desktop Conversion with IGEL UDC3 and IGEL Linux 10 OS
The IGEL UDC3 can be installed as the operating system on thin clients, desktop and laptop computers from other manufacturers that meet minimum requirements of having an x86-based 64-bit processor, 2GB of RAM and 2GB storage. Using the IGEL UDC3 on these end-user computing devices converts them into an IGEL thin client running the IGEL Linux 10 OS.

IGEL UDC3 is a powerful and universally deployable managed thin client providing users with secure and reliable access to cloud services, server-based computing (SBC) applications and virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) on their existing hardware.

Leading-Edge Security Features Protect Networks and Data
The IGEL UDC3 offers broad support for security standards and protocols. In addition to supporting secure data transmission both inside and outside of corporate networks, IGEL Linux 10 helps companies protect themselves against data loss and malware attacks using tools such as DriveLock, an endpoint security solution that ensures USB devices connected to IGEL thin clients are approved for use. Furthermore, IGEL’s entire family of thin and zero client solutions supports two-factor authentication through integrated or external smart card readers or security tokens, which work together to ensure security is not compromised by cybercriminals.

Worry-Free Endpoint Management
With the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), an industry-leading device management platform that comes standard with IGEL UDC3 software, IT organizations can remotely manage any endpoint device running the IGEL Linux 10 operating system.

IGEL UMS can be quickly and easily deployed within existing network infrastructure, reducing the cost, time and effort associated with remote endpoint management, while offering maximum security and reliability. Additionally, with IGEL UMS customers can order and install add-on IGEL workspace management license options including Shared WorkPlace (SWP), which supports user-dependent configurations of shared workstations. The IGEL UMS can be downloaded free of charge at www.myigel.com.

New Licensing Model Offers Agility and Flexibility
The IGEL UDC3 featuring the IGEL Linux 10 OS is available through a perpetual licensing model from IGEL channel partners. Designed to provide IT organizations with greater autonomy for the agility and flexibility they need to quickly scale their IGEL deployments, the IGEL UDC3 perpetual software license includes the option of a one- or three-year maintenance subscription for firmware updates and access to IGEL’s industry-leading technical support. Additionally, with online license transfer, organizations with an active maintenance subscription can transfer their UDC3 license from one device to another via https://activation.igel.com.

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