Improve Linux Gaming Performance With FSGamer

Gaming on Linux Ever since the advent of Steam for Linux, performance issues have miffed gamers; especially those who are using Ubuntu’s Unity and are forced to use Compiz as their display compositor. Those issues have been combated in several ways. Nvidia and AMD have been ???stepping up to the plate??? so to speak with increased performance from their drivers, and developers have been working towards more granular performance enhancements geared towards playing well with Xorg. Step one for most users is to simply unset Compiz for fullscreen applications, KWin for KDE users. The former is the most affected, and that was the catalyst behind Michael Bethencourt’s FSGamer. So what is it? FSGamer is a simple concept, that is ???sloppily written, and may crash everything and make you cry??? – so says the author. What is does is start a seperate X session with Openbox, and then launch the game. By default it uses tty8, though that could probably by changed. A quick ctrl-alt-f7 will get you back to your usual login session. What to give it a try?