InfoWorld: Hit from all sides, IT will feel the crunch: IT hunkers down with year 2000 and feels the e-commerce heat but still can expect shrinking budget

This article by Jessica Davis is a valuable analysis of the
pressures in the IT industry.

But what makes this one a must-read is the list of 1998 hits,
misses and maybes compiled by InfoWorld editors. Here are a few

What’s hot

  • Linux/open source: Huddled masses yearning to be free.
  • NDS: Novell cashes in meal ticket.

What’s not hot

  • Windows 2000: There are 2001 reasons to wait.
  • Java: Shakespearean tragedy marked by greed, politics &
    sluggish performances.
  • Microsoft Office: There’s fat, and then there’s obese.
  • Netscape: Poland, 1939.

You won’t regret reading this one.

Hit from all sides, IT will feel the crunch