Interview with Aviv Sharon of Wildfire Games

“0 A.D. is a free and open source ancient warfare real time
strategy game, that has drawn a lot of attention around it for a
good reason. This game started as a very ambitious project which is
always good, but also very difficult. This Monday we meet Aviv
Sharon, in an effort to learn more about the details behind this
fantastic game, that many people already “love” although it is
still in alpha state.

“Tell us who you are, and what exactly you do for 0 A.D.

“I am Aviv Sharon, a 25-year-old university student and high
school teacher from Israel, and a PR contributor for 0 A.D., a
free, open-source RTS game of ancient warfare.

“What is the story behind Wildfire games? Has the small team of
Age of Empires modders evolved into something greater?

“Definitely. It has morphed into a large community of
contributors around the globe.”

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