IPFire 2.19 Linux Firewall Distribution Switches to Unbound as DNS Proxy

IPFire 2.19 Core Update 106 is the latest stable release of the Linux firewall OS, and it looks like it implements a new DNS proxy, namely Unbound, which replaces the Dnsmasq DNS forwarder and DHCP server used in previous releases. The decision was made because of the recent DNSSEC implementation by default in the distribution, and it proves to offer better DNSSEC reliability, enhanced features, such as import of static leases, and improved performance. Apart from adding Unbound as the new DNS proxy server, the IPFire 2.19 Core Update 106 release makes sure passwords are now being saved with a stronger hash like SHA512, enables the SMBv2 protocol by default for the Samba add-on, offers the firmware driver for MediaTek 7601 series of devices, updates the NTP client to wait for Wi-Fi connections to be established before booting up, and no longer requires a password for PPP connections.