Is the Samsung Galaxy Mega phone too darn big?

Today in Open Source: The Samsung Galaxa Mega is huge! Plus: Aging Linux developers, and an overview of Linux bootloaders.

I wrote a column here on ITworld a while back asking if Android phones were too large. Well, I think the answer is yes as far as the Samsung Galaxy Mega goes! Who in their right mind would want to walk around with a phone that big?

Okay, I can totally understand someone carrying a 7 inch tablet if they really need tablet functionality, but a phone? It seems to me that toting it around is more work than it’s worth. I can’t imagine holding the Mega up to your ear to have a phone conversation, you’d look quite ridiculous if you did so.

I can understand Samsung wanting to offer various sizes of phones, that probably makes sense in terms of its customer base. But at some point bigger is not always better. It just becomes completely silly if taken too far.