KDE Plasma 5.17.2 Desktop Environment Brings More Than 25 Bug Fixes, Update Now

Coming just a week after the first point release, KDE Plasma 5.17.2 is here with another batch of bug fixes across a wide range of components, including Plasma Discover, Plasma Workspace, Plasma Desktop, KWin, System Settings, KMenuEdit, Breeze GTK, and Dr Konqi. This maintenance update contains a total of 27 changes. Highlights of KDE Plasma 5.17.2 include the ability to randomize new batches of images in the slideshow and to seed random number generator for wallpapers, support for more formats of AppStream URLs in Plasma Discover, a new hover effect on the intro page icon in the System Settings sidebar, as well as reimplementation of checkbox recolouring in Breeze GTK.