KernelTrap: LibATA Hotswap

“Lukasz Kosewski provided an update on his efforts to create a
hotswap infrastructure for libATA, allowing the driver to properly
handle hotplug interrupts. He notes that along with the generic
infrastructure he plans to include, ‘a specific implementation of
this infrastructure in the Promise SATA150 and SATAII150 line of
controllers.’ He began working on this in late July, noting that at
this time drivers for the formentioned hard drives ‘mostly work,’
and he has continued to clean up the infrastructure based on
suggestions from libATA author Jeff Garzik. Lukasz went on to note,
‘once the infrastructure is accepted, anyone with a
hotswap-unsupported controller and some time on their hands will
easily be able to integrate hotswap in; that is the whole goal of
an infrastructure.’ He added that alternatively if provided with a
controller and documentation, ‘I will add the support and test the
b’jesus out of it…'”

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