Kubuntu 19.10 Arrives with KDE Plasma 5.16, Embedded Nvidia Drivers, and More

Featuring the KDE Plasma 5.16.5 desktop environment and KDE Applications 19.04.3 software suite, the Kubuntu 19.10 release is here with up-to-date core components and applications, including Qt 5.12.4 LTS, Latte Dock 0.9.3, Elisa 0.4.2, Krita 4.2.7, Kdevelop 5.4.2, Ktorrent 5.1.2, as well as Kdenlive and Yakuake 19.08.1. With the 19.10 release, Kubuntu continues to offer an experimental Plasma Wayland session that can be enabled by installing the plasma-workspace-wayland package from the main software repositories and then accessing the “Plasma (wayland)” session option at the login screen. However, this feature is not supported by the Kubuntu team.