Latest Humble Mobile Bundle Has 9 Awesome Roguelike Mobile Games for Android

The Humble Mobile Bundle: Roguelikes a total of nine games split into three tiers. First one is the cheapest and will cost you only one dollar, giving you access to the Desktop Dungeons, bit Dungeon I and bit Dungeon II games. The second tier will bring you three more games, but you’ll have to pay $5 (???4.48) to unlock them. These are Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic, Road Not Taken, and Dungelot: Shattered Lands. Lastly, the third tier will give you another three games, namely Heroes of Loot 2, Sproggiwood, and Star Chindy: SciFi Roguelike, but you’ll have to pay more than the average to unlock them all, which right now is $5.06 (about ???4.53).