Leaving Apple and Google : my eelo odyssey

Gael Duval, who created Mandrake Linux, has announced that he was starting a new, non-profit project, to provide credible alternative on the mobile OS and associated web-service, with a better respect of user data privacy. “I realized that I had become lazy. Not only I wasn’t using Linux anymore as my main operating system, but I was also using a proprietary OS on my smartphone. And I was using Google more and more.” eelo, which is forked form LineageOS, will put put existing open source bricks together into a consistent, privacy-enhanced yet desirable smartphone OS + web-service global alternative. A crowdfunding campaign has just started on Kickstarter to fuel early developments. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/290746744/eelo-a-mobile-os-and-web-services-in-the-public-in

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