LEMP server configuration on Ubuntu Linux

LEMP is an alternative to LAMP, the Linux based web server configuration stack using MySQL and PHP. However, instead of Apache it is deployed with Nginx ( pronounced engine-x or en-juhn-eks ) web server. Nginx is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, which can be also used as a mail proxy. Nginx is acclaimed for having low memory usage and thus it is favored solution for a low RAM web server deployments such as VPS, etc. The difference in a memory consumption and serving speed between Apache and Nginx is likely to be noticeable under a heavy load. Thus, configuring Nginx should also help you to protect against sudden traffic spikes. However, the choice of using Ngnix over Apache is a matter of your environment where many aspects needs to be taken into the consideration. These are the content to be served, configuration settings, number of modules enabled, etc. In this tutorial we will setup a basic LEMP configuration on Ubuntu Linux.

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