LFTP 4.7.5 Linux CLI FTP Client Recognizes Apache Listings with ISO Date & Time

LFTP 4.7.5 arrives one and a half months after the release of version 4.7.4 on November 16, 2016, and promises to adds detection of Apache listings with ISO date and time to the HTTP protocol support, implements a new settings for logging, namely log:prefix-{recv,send,note,error}, and improves the help manual and documentation a bit. Additionally, the IPv6 protocol support was updated in LFTP 4.7.5 to ignore link-local addresses that don’t have a scope. There are also various improvements to FTP support, such as “site mkdir” support for “mkdir -p,” as well as fixes for a failed assertion and long delay in “mode z” when using the ProFTPD FTP server.