Linley Group: Breaking Up Microsoft Benefits All

“Today’s best hope for a Windows competitor is Linux. This
open-source operating system has far fewer lines of code than
Windows and, not coincidentally, is far more reliable. It has no
ugly DOS-compatible appendages. Linux also has no support for
Microsoft applications and, as public enemy number one in Redmond,
it never will unless the government takes action.”

“I believe the only reason PC users put up with the shortcomings
of Windows is that vital applications such as Microsoft Office are
available only on Windows PCs.”

“If Microsoft’s application group were an independent company,
what would its primary strategy be? Dominate its markets by
offering its products on all significant platforms. Porting Office
to Linux makes all the sense in the world once Windows is removed
from the equation.”

“If Windows continues to dominate the PC market, further
restrictions might be required. But if the combination of
Microsoft applications and Linux offers strong competition for
Windows, little government oversight will be needed. After taking
the radical step of breaking up Microsoft, the government can let
free-market forces take over.”