Linus Torvalds Announces a “Bigger Than Average” Second RC of Linux Kernel 4.13

According to Linus Torvalds, this second Release Candidate of Linux kernel 4.13 is bigger than average, as the Linux creator would have expected to see things starting off a little slow at this stage of development, which could suggest the Linux 4.13 kernel cycle getting eight RCs instead of the usual seven that a normal release gets. But, after all, it’s too early to make any predictions. As for the things implemented in this second Release Candidate of the upcoming Linux 4.13 kernel, we can mention that the appended shortlog is dominated by the new vboxvideo staging driver, which appears to have been implemented by famous kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman. Other than that, you’ll also find updated networking, USB, SCSI, and RDMA drivers.

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