Linux 3.6 Brings Hybrid Sleep, All Rejoice

Linux 3.6 has been officially released, and from most angles it appears to be a lack-luster one, bringing only what Linus calls ???solid progress???. Of course like any major kernel release, Kernel 3.6 comes with a bevy of new drivers, optimizations and more. But one features stands out above all the rest, and it’s really a big deal.

Hybrid Sleep is not new technology by any means, but it has been noticeably absent from Linux for many, many years. Traditionally, users would have to choose their poison; sleep or hibernation. Each one of these has sound benefits, but also deficits to the user. No more.

This feature comes at the behest of the rising climate of mobile support in Linux. Of course, something that runs on ???all the things??? must keep every use-case in mind. And when I say mobile, I mean anything with a battery. Laptop users are now free to rejoice! Here is what it gives you.