Linux-Hardware-Guide launches funding of Linux & FOSS projects by your hardware purchases

Starting with the first of July the Linux-Hardware-Guide introduces a funding system, which distributes its profits gained during the third quarter of 2016 by hardware sales to Linux & FOSS projects. All user can vote which project they want to support (e.g. FSF, Apache Software Foundation, etc.). Votes are weighted depending on the user’s activity during this period and funding is split accordingly.

The Linux-Hardware-Guide is an Open Source knowledge base which collects information regarding the Linux compatibility of hardware. It collects configuration and compatibility information for latest but also older hardware and allows to find and contact Linux users of identical hardware for support requests. It is not limited to certain Linux distributions but intends to support all of them. Hardware information is uploaded to the data base by performing a one time hardware scans or by installing the Linux-Hardware-Guide tools.

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