Linux Journal: Ericsson’s Screen Phone Runs Linux

“The Screen Phone (full name: the cordless Screen Phone HS210)
allows users to access the Internet, e-mail and the telephone with
a single, contained package. The Screen Phone’s interface is a
color touch screen, through which the Internet and other features
can be quickly and easily accessed. The product is also equipped
with a speakerphone to make it all the more convenient for Web
surfers to gab on the phone while they sail through

“Of course, what’s most interesting about the Screen Phone is
the fact that it runs Linux. According to a statement from
Ericsson, Linux was chosen because of the open source operating
system’s stability and size, as well as for its ‘openness’, making
it easier for a variety of future applications to be

“Bluetooth, as the company notes in a FAQ, is a wireless
technology and specification for “small-form factor, low-cost,
short range radio” contact between mobile computers, phones and
similar portable devices. The technology promises to replace
multiple cable connections with single radio links, possibly
providing for the smoothest marriage yet between portable computing
and the Internet.”