Linux Journal: First UNIX/Linux National Competition Held in Ljubljana, Slovenia

“On April 24, 1999, the Slovenian National Linux User Group
organized the first national competition in UNIX/Linux.
competition was among the activities connected with the 23rd Annual
National Competition in Computer Science for high school students
and the Fifth Festival of Computing, both of which were held in
late April at the Department of Computer Science at the University
of Ljubljana. As opposed to the already long-established tradition
of national competitions in computer science, where a great
emphasis is given to problems easily solved with procedural
programming languages, this competition seeks its niche in favoring
solutions implemented with “alternative” tools from the UNIX
programming environment, where the strengths of these tools can be
shown in the best way.”

“In this article, we present the exercises that were part of the
competition together with their solutions, explained in detail and
commented. We conclude with the results of the competition
accompanied by a few remarks and afterthoughts.”