Linux Journal: Penguin Expands at Toronto’s Comdex

“Every year, I fulfill my moral duty as a technocrat and geek by
visiting at least one big computer show, usually Comdex. I
still have images in my head of last year’s show, various Linux
users’ groups all crammed into an eight-by-ten-foot cubicle

tucked away into a dark corner of the Toronto Convention

“Fade to Comdex 1999. The Linux booth is now a
sitting prominently in the main building of the
convention center. In the middle of the action is a small open
theater where talks go on hour after hour, vendors expound on the
virtues of their wares and techies share their insights.”

“On my way home, I listened to the CBC radio news at 6. Every
night, the newscast features a special in-depth report. Tonight, it
begins, “Move over Microsoft — here comes Linux. Chances are
you’ve never heard of it, but Linux is a computer operating system
that’s now vying for the big time.”

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the penguin has entered the