Linux Journal: Peter van der Linden’s Guide to Linux: A Lesson in Encryption, Part 3

“Thunderbird is a popular e-mail client based on just the e-mail
part of the all-in-one Mozilla program, itself a descendant of the
Netscape Navigator suite. You add a small library plug-in called
Enigmail to the Mozilla or Thunderbird mail client to provide
seamless integration with GnuPG (GPG). Other e-mail clients can
work with GnuPG too; consult their documentation for details.

“The name Enigmail relates to the German Enigma encryption
device used in WWII, which was cracked by a brilliant Polish
mathematician and exploited by the British to track and sink Nazi
U-Boats. Enigmail provides secure communication by scrambling
e-mail text with GPG so only the intended recipient can read


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