Linux Journal: The Arrival of NX, Part 5: Using NX

“The NoMachine NX Client license says, “Redistribution of NX
Client software, including commercial Closed Source packages, is
allowed, free of charge, for commercial and non-commercial use…”.
This enabled Klaus Knopper to include the NoMachine NX Client in
Knoppix, versions 3.6 and later, even though it is not free
software. It also is included in Kanotix. The NX Client is released
in binary form under a free for commercial and non-commercial use
license similar to the Adobe Acrobat reader software that we find
in most Linux distributions. A KDE-based NX client, kNX, also is
available. kNX works and is used by quite a few people daily, but
it more of a proof-of-concept implementation, though, and its use
is not yet generally recommended.

“Knoppix also includes FreeNX, a fully GPLed implementation of
an NX server application, based on the NoMachine GPLed Core NX
libraries and utilities. So Knoppix enables you to access any free
or commercial NX server in the world or even run your own FreeNX
one from CD-ROM…”