Linux Kernel 3.12.65 LTS Released with Updated Wireless Drivers, PowerPC Fixes

It’s been only two weeks since the release of the Linux 3.12.64 LTS kernel maintenance version, and today’s Linux kernel 3.12.65 LTS update attempt to add various improvements, updated drivers, as well as to patch some of the bugs reported by users. According to the appended shortlog and diff from Linux kernel 3.12.64 LTS, a total of 80 files were changed, with 516 insertions and 283 deletions in Linux kernel 3.12.65 LTS. A summary of the changed implemented in the Linux 3.12.65 LTS kernel release would be improvements to the PowerPC (PPC), ARM, ARM64 (AArch64), AVR32, CRIS, MIPS, TILE, and x86 hardware architectures, as well as for the Btrfs, HostFS, NFS, OCFS2, ReiserFS, and XFS filesystems. There are also a bunch of updated drivers, in particular for InfiniBand, Wireless (brcm80211), IOMMU, MTD, I2C, Radeon, ACPI, hwmon, MFD, and USB devices.

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