Linux Kernel 4.12 is Big, Bigger Than You Thought Big, Says Greg Kroah-Hartman

According to the stats posted by Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux kernel 4.12 was developed during a period of 63 days, it received a total of 14.570 commits, contains a total of 59,806 files (3.18% growth), and has 24,170,860 million lines of code (4.47% growth), with 795.58 lines of code added per day. In some more interesting statistics about the development of the Linux 4.12 kernel, we can mention that a total of 1,202,920 million lines of code were added, 168.962 removed, and 141.550 modified. It also looks like a total of 1,821 developers have contributed code to the Linux 4.12 kernel series.