Linux Kernel 4.4.27 LTS Brings Many ReiserFS and EXT4 Changes, Updated Drivers

Just like Linux kernel 4.8.4, the Linux 4.4.27 LTS kernel release comes just a couple of days after its previous version, namely Linux kernel 4.4.26 LTS, which was urgently patched against the nasty “Dirty COW” bug. However, according to diff from Linux kernel 4.4.26 LTS and the appended shortlog, Linux kernel 4.4.27 LTS is a minor update that changes a total of 31 files, with 223 insertions and only 189 deletions. If you click on the appended shortlog like above, you’ll notice that Linux kernel 4.4.27 LTS introduces various improvements to the ReiserFS and EXT4 filesystems, but also some minor Btrfs, FUSE, sound stack, crypto, and core kernel changes. Additionally, it looks like there are enhancements to the Intel i40e Ethernet and Broadcom brcm80211 Wireless drivers, as well as the arcmsr and ibmvscsi SCSI drivers.