Linux Kernel 4.4.48 LTS Has Minor NFS, x86 and PowerPC Changes, Updated Drivers

Just like Linux 4.9.9, Linux kernel 4.4.48 LTS is here only five days after its previous maintenance update, in this case Linux 4.4.47 LTS, but it’s yet another small patch that changes a total of 35 files, with 235 insertions and 134 deletions, according to the appended shortlog. Half of the patch appears to be updated drivers, and the rest is split between arch updates, filesystem fixes, as well as the usual core kernel and mm changes. Taking a quick look at the changes implemented in Linux kernel 4.4.48 LTS, we can notice some fixes for the PowerPC, x86, and AArch64 (ARM64) hardware architectures, small updates to the CIFS, NFS, and EXT4 filesystems, and updated drivers, in particular for things like USB, GPU (Nouveau only), ATA, HID, MMC, and PCI. The networking stack has been updated as well, but it also includes a couple of fixes, one for the SunRPC protocol support.