Linux Kernel 4.4.54 LTS Is a Small Patch with Updated GPU and InfiniBand Drivers

It appears that many GNU/Linux distributions are still using a kernel from the Linux 4.4 LTS branch, which will be supported for about a year from the moment of writing this article, until February 2018, despite the fact that Greg Kroah-Hartman marked the Linux 4.9 kernel series as “long-term.” Linux kernel 4.4.54 LTS is a small patch coming only three days after the previous maintenance update. According to the appended shortlog, Linux kernel 4.4.54 LTS changes a total of 40 files, with 405 insertions and 235 deletions. Most of the patch are updated InfiniBand, GPU (AMDGPU, Intel i915, etc.), Bluetooth (Atheros ath3k and btusb), HV, PWM, s390, and TTY drivers, but we can also notices a few improvements to the Ceph and FAT filesystems, as well as the s390, x86, and Xtensa hardware architectures.

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