Linux Kernels 4.10.14, 4.9.26 LTS and 4.4.66 LTS Bring Networking Improvements

Linux kernels 4.10.14, 4.9.26 LTS, and 4.4.66 LTS are out now, and they come about one week after the release of the previous maintenance updates.As for the improvements implemented in the Linux 4.10.14, 4.9.26 LTS, and 4.4.66 LTS kernels, we can mention an updated networking stack with various IPv4, IPv6, L2TP, 9p, KCM, Open vSwitch, SCTP, and packet scheduler changes, an updated sound stack with some minor firewire and Intel boards fixes, a few enhancements to the MIPS, SPARC, x86, and ARC architectures, as well as the CIFS and NFS filesystems, and various updated Ethernet drivers for Mellanox MLX5 and Renesas.