Linux Magazine: The Great Slashdot Sellout – Q&A: Rob Malda and Jeff Bates

“There was a sober atmosphere on the day Linux Magazine’s Robert
McMillan visited the dynamic duo behind Slashdot at their
headquarters in Holland, Michigan. Slashdot’s co-founders Rob
“CmdrTaco” Malda and Jeff “Hemos” Bates were busy packing up their
now-famous geek compound (a serendipitous collection of butt-ugly
half duplexes fronted, on that day, by a brown metal dumpster
filled with O’Reilly books) for a move to more civic-code-compliant
digs in the center of town. Bates himself was moving from the town
that he and Malda had grown up in to live the life of an urbanite
in Boston, Mass.”

Linux Magazine: I guess the question that
everyone wants me to ask you guys is, have you sold out?

Rob Malda: Yeah dude. We totally sold out.
Look at us. What does sell out mean?”

LM: It means that where once you were “of the
people and for the people,” now you’re “of the Man and for the

Malda: Excellent!”


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