Linux Resources: Now What? Netscape Survives Its Own Autopsy

“Netscape Survives Its Own Autopsy.” “See, it choked on its own

“Let us now speak freely about Netscape.”

“Jamie Zawinski has finally given us permission. He posted a
long resignation and postmortem on his own site today, during the
hangover hours after Mozilla.org’s first birthday party. The timing
was kind. In an email sent to friends, he wrote “people who work
for companies that didn’t just sack 400 employees might actually be
looking this party as a birthday instead of a funeral, and I’d like
to let them keep their illusions at least for one more night.”

“But now the illusions are gone and the funeral is just
starting. Jamie has seen to that by pulling the cover off the
corpse and leading us through the autopsy.”


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