Linux Server Security: A Getting Started Guide

Are your Linux servers secure? No machine connected to the internet is 100% secure, of course. In the words of security guru Bruce Schneier: ???Security is a process, not a product.??? However, this doesn’t mean that you are helpless. Although cyber attacks, hacks and breaches are sometimes unavoidable, all system administrators and users can take definitive measures to mitigate their risk online.

A Linux system is like a house. It’s easy to keep the windows and doors always closed, but controlling when and how they get opened is an ongoing challenge. And the fact that poor administration and misconfigured servers are to blame for the majority of exploits on Linux systems is evidence that many system administrators are failing to meet this challenge.

This introductory guide will explore the fundamentals of information security and explain how these principles can be applied to evaluate and improve the security of your Linux servers.