Linuxcare: App of the Week: grepmail

[ Thanks to Linuxcare for this link.

I have to dig up an old email message about two or three
times a week. Now that I’ve finally discovered grepmail, this
process is a lot easier.

“grepmail version 4.23, an application licensed under the GNU
GPL, is a program that searches /bin/mail-style mailboxes and
returns all emails containing the search string. grepmail is
extremely handy because it returns the entire email that contains a
matched string. One way to use grepmail is to redirect its output
to a file, which then creates a new mailbox containing all matching
messages. You can then browse the matching email messages with your
mail client.”

“grepmail allows you to search only an email header by
specifying the -h parameter, or to search only an email body by
specifying the -b parameter. It also supports the -i parameter,
like grep, to perform a case-insensitive search. You can tell
grepmail to ignore those pesky MIME-encoded blocks when searching
by giving the -M parameter.”