LinuxMall.com: I Gotta Date With a Penguin…

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So here I am, writing from the outside looking in. Not a
bad idea, really, with Linux about to take off in new markets,
bumping up against the preconcieved notions of people who’ve never
worked with the system….

“The course I enrolled in was a one-day introductory class. At
this point, CompuSkills does not offer an advanced Linux class and
does not plan to in the foreseeable future. This is unfortunate, as
I left with as many questions as had when I arrived that morning.
At least they were different questions. One day simply is not
enough to give a full understanding–but it is a starting

“I walked into the CompuSkills class with few preconcieved
notions; after all, I first laid my hands on a Linux machine some
three weeks ago. I had a few points I wanted clarification on, but
otherwise I was tabula rasa, waiting for the instructor to start

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