LinuxPR: BuyPogo.Com Introduces $299 Pogo Dekaf and Anounces New Web Storefront

$299 Pogo Dekaf makes Linux very affordable and

“BuyPogo.Com introduces its $299 Pogo Dekaf, based on the AMD
K6-2/3 CPU. This model complements the Pogo Kaffeine which sells
for $499 and is also based on the AMD CPU line. The company also
announces a new look to its online storefront.”

“The Pogo Dekaf offers the following:

  • AMD K6-2 300 Mhz CPU
  • Microstar Motherboard
  • 4.3 Gigabyte Hard Drive
  • 32MB PC100 SDRAM
  • Diamond Viper 330 Video Card
  • 1.44 MB Floppy Drive
  • Keyboard
  • Logitech Mouse
  • Optional Ethernet Adapter
  • Optional CD-ROM
  • Optional Second Hard Drive”