LinuxPR: DOS-Based Phat Linux Distribution 3.1 Released

“Phat Linux version 3.1 has been released. It has many
additions, such as built in support for more video cards.

Current users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.”

“Phat Linux is a Distribution that was started in April by two
15 year old high school students, as a project to bring more users
over to the Linux Operating System. Since then, there have been 3
major releases, and several minor releases.”

“Phat Linux has a fairly large user base, and is quickly gaining
more users. Becuase it can be installed on a MS-DOS partition,
users can use it without repartitioning their hard drive, which is
a process that keeps a surprising amount of people from using
Linux. Once users are comfortable with Linux, they can move to an
ext2 installation, or continue to use Phat Linux.”