LinuxPR: ISITEL Uses Linux For World-Wide Telco Project

ISITEL ( www.isitel.com ) has decided on LINUX as its o.s.
for its world-wide web phones

“Beginning this month, the 36.8 million travelers who annually
pass through Denver International Airport (DIA) will have free
Internet access thanks to Kiosk Information Systems, (KIS) and
Get2Net. ISITEL is considering this same proposal around the globe.
The new Internet kiosks will house four terminals each per eight
locations, 32 terminals total, placed throughout the A, B and C
concourses of DIA, offering travelers easy access to the world wide
web and the ability to check and/or send e-mail while on the

“KIS has previously developed the modular Internet public access
housing system for Get2NetTM with 114 terminals
currently in use at Kennedy, La Guardia, Newark, Boston, Chicago
and Washington/Dulles airports and travel centers along highways in
Florida, New Jersey and Maryland.”