LinuxPR: Journaling FS Ships For Gnu/Linux Today

Journaling for ReiserFS has officially been released by
Namesys after extensive testing, and confirmation of its stability
by betatesters.
ReiserFS is a revolutionary new approach to
file system design which stores not just filenames but the files
themselves in a B*-tree, giving it performance advantages
throughout the file size spectrum.”

“Hans Reiser, owner of Namesys, said: “Chris is just an amazing
coder. He has been working in his spare-time while holding down a
full-time job, in just a few months he implemented the core of our
new journaling code making it actually faster than the
non-journaling version of ReiserFS. We had thought that surely it
would take another 6 months of refinement before we could throw
away the non-journaling code without making speed lovers unhappy,
but his first version is already faster than the non-journaling
code, plus you don’t have to wait for fsck everytime you kick a
powercord. Things are going to get even faster over the next months