LinuxPR: Linux Training Attains A New Standard

At the Linux World Expo in London on 6th Oct, Evan Leibovitch,
President of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) announced the
launch of the LPI Approved Training Partner (LATP) program in the
UK. This will be the only training program covering all versions of
Linux, and complementing the LPI’s existing internationally
accepted certification standard. The program will be run in the UK
by new LPI affiliates Open Forum Europe.

At the program launch, the ITS Group were announced as the first
LATP partner in the UK. Already well known for over a decade of
vendor certified training and IT services to the public sector, the
ITS Group have now added the world’s latest major Operating System
to it’s training portfolio. This reflects the recent strong
interest in Linux and Open Source shown by its customers in the
public and private sectors alike.

Part of the growing maturity of Linux is the increasing
compatibility of the various distributions. In today’s marketplace
Linux skills need to be version independent and now Linux training
is changing to reflect this. As part of the LATP’s quality
assurance requirement, partners like the ITS Group must use
approved training materials and LPI certified trainers. The program
will be a benchmark for the industry, helping Linux to achieve it’s
full potential as one of the world’s leading operating systems.

The ITS Group is offering the LPI 101 and 102 courses at its
training centres in Bristol and Edinburgh and on customer sites.
For more information visit www.itservices.org.uk or www.lpi.org