LinuxPR: Ted 2.7, an easy rich text processor for Unix/X-Windows released

Ted is a text processor running under X Windows on
Unix/Linux systems.
Ted was developed as a standard easy word
processor, having the role of Wordpad on MS-Windows, but more
powerful. In my opinion, the possibility to type a letter or a note
on a Unix/Linux machine is clearly missing. Only too often, you
have to turn to a Windows machine to write a letter or an e-mail
message. Teds function is to be able to edit rich text documents on
Unix/Linux in a wysiwyg way….”

“Compatibility with popular MS-Windows applications played an
important role in the design of Ted. Every document produced by Ted
should be accepted as a legal .rtf file by Word without any loss of
formatting or information. Compatibility in the other direction is
more difficult to achieve. Ted supports most text formatting, as
supported by the Microsoft applications. Advanced formatting
instructions and meta information are ignored.*) By ignoring
unsupported formatting Ted tries to get the complete text of a
document on screen. Ted can be used to read formatted e-mail sent
from a Windows machine to Unix, or as an RTF viewer in