LinuxPR: Upstart Open Content Encyclopedia Threatens to Displace Britannica, Encarta

Remember when you used an encyclopedia to write school
reports? Now check out what your kids will be using.

“Nupedia.com, an Open Content encyclopedia project started last
February, is threatening to become the dominant encyclopedia
reference of the 21st century, displacing ordinary proprietary
encyclopedias in the same way that the open source operating
system, Linux, is threatening to displace Windows. Nupedia’s
successful efforts at recruitment of volunteer editors and writers
and at the design of a functioning editorial system are more
illustrations of the success of the Open Source/Open Content
movement. And another reason for Microsoft to fear that

“The online encyclopedia project boasts many dozens of volunteer
Ph.D. subject editors and peer reviewers from six continents, who
are rightly proud of its extremely rigorous, professional peer
review system. The review process is now underway, several articles
have been posted, and over 100 more have been assigned. The
project’s prospects look quite bright.”


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