Linuxworld: Ten weeks to T1

“Planning to switch ISPs? Mark’s 10-week diary of a recent
service upgrade from a long-standing 56-Kbps service to a T1 switch
and a brand new ISP shows how you too can best prepare for this
major change.”

“A few months ago, we at Aurora Technologies decided to change
ISPs. The providers in question don’t matter; it suffices to say
that we spent a lot of time examining our new provider to make sure
it didn’t suffer the deficiencies of our previous choice. “

“We needed to replace the existing 56-Kbps service with a T1.
The cost difference, as it turned out, was rather minor (around
$1,000 a month more) in comparison to even a year ago, when the
difference was $1,800 a month more.”

“We needed to replace our existing provider. The old NOC often
put us on hold, there were big delays within its network (as
opposed to delays in the MAEs), and our router was known to
occasionally drop packets. Not fun.”

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