Looking Back at My History with SCO

[ Thanks to Roger
for this link. ]

“With SCO going into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and likely to drop
into Chapter 7, and given some of the mail and posts I’ve been
getting, I agree that it is time to look back a bit at my
experience with SCO. Like Dan Lyons, I was deceived. But unlike
him, it wasn’t just SCO; there were the Linux loyalists who pushed
me onto SCO’s side as well. Now this is a long piece, probably one
of the longest I’ve ever written, and even so
it leaves stuff out, so bear with me and I’ll try to keep it

“We all have personality quirks, things that just tick us off
and impact the way we see the world and make certain decisions as a
result. These things create the foundation for our personalities
and it used to be common practice to use this information to
profile competing executives and more accurately guess their future