LWN: Linuxcare’s S-1 Filing

“Linuxcare has filed its S-1 form, indicating its plan for an
initial public offering of its stock. This is a much-awaited
offering, selected by the media as perhaps being the next big
success along the lines of VA Linux Systems. S-1 filings tend
to be lengthy beasts, but this one outdoes many, weighing in at
1.2MB of legalese. For those who don’t want to plow through the
whole thing, here’s LWN’s summary.

“The plan is to issue $92 million worth of stock, which will
trade under the symbol LXCR. The number of shares to be issued
remains to be filled in; Linuxcare won’t do that until near IPO
time (probably March sometime). Given recent Linux IPO history, it
would not be surprising to see an increase in the offering price –
and thus the amount raised – before it’s all over.”

“The S-1 describes four areas of endeavor: professional
services, technical support, education (training), and product
certification. Linuxcare often makes a point of presenting itself
as a “pure Linux services” company.”