MediaFire Releases Linux and Open Source Toolkit for Developers

At MediaFire, it’s no secret that we are huge fans of the open source community. From server management, to building next generation storage applications, open-source tools enable us to do great things.

To start off the new year, MediaFire is excited to announce the launch of several new tools aimed at the Linux and open-source developer communities. This ???Open-Source??? toolkit includes a FUSE module and a shell-like interface similar to FTP, enabling users to upload, download, access, and modify files stored on MediaFire through a command-line interface. This new toolkit will provide open-source enthusiasts and IT professionals with a lightweight and powerful tool for managing their files online.

Check out the full kit on our Github via the link below:


We have tested these tools on several Debian and Ubuntu systems as well as FreeBSD. In principle, the code should run on other POSIX systems???including OSX. As with any initial release, there’s already a laundry list of features and enhancements that we are working on.